Reserve one of our awesome pork pies!

pork pieIan’s  hand raised pork pies are made to order in very small batches for collection just before Christmas.  To be sure you and your family don’t miss out you can now reserve a pie through our new online shop:

The pies are made with free range pork, hot water crust pastry, plenty of seasoning and fresh herbs. Once out of the oven a cider jelly (made with our favourite organic cider) is carefully poured around the meat. The larger pie should feed a family of 4-6 and will last for up to two weeks, but is best consumed on Boxing day.  It comes on a Falcan enamel plate and is gift wrapped in cellophane and gingham ribbon.

The smaller pie should happily feed two people, or one one rather greedy pork pie lover! Best consumed with some of our piccalilli or cider mustard (which you can add to your order). It gift wrapped in cellophane and gingham ribbon.
Read Makerhoods lovely article about one of our pork pies here:


pie4The last date for ordering is Monday 16th December. Our pies are only available for collection, once you have ordered we will drop you an email to organise a collection day and time between 18th and 23rd December.

About anne fairbrother

Anne set up and runs Brixton Cornercopia with chef Ian Riley
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