Our best of Brixton and Bermondsy hampers

England Preserves Chocolate Orangettes (yum! made with original beans fabulous chocolate)
Cornercopia lavender infused marmalade
Bermondsy bramble jam
Heather Honey from the London Honey Company (dark & rich, one of the best honey’s I’ve tasted!)
Cornercopia fig Relish (something a bit different for the cheese board)
Brixton Pound Sauce (Money that sticks to Brixton, a  sauce that sticks to your chips!)
England Preserves piccalilli (a well made classic – essential with your pork pie or boxing day cold meats)
Kernel IPA
Brixton Electric IPA
Ossies ginger beer (add some rum for a Brixton Christmas mule)
Cornercopia Christmas pud (limited edition, made with Kernel Porter & English cider brandy )

Our hampers will be available to pre-order online very soon!


About anne fairbrother

Anne set up and runs Brixton Cornercopia with chef Ian Riley
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3 Responses to Our best of Brixton and Bermondsy hampers

  1. Sally T says:

    Hi there – hampers look great. The Brixton Beer is fantastic too. One question, when are you releasing your pork pies? Can we order soon? Thanks!

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