Welcome to Cornercopia

Brixton Cornercopia is a tiny neighbourhood restaurant and new kind of cornershop all about ultra-local food and sustainability.

We are located in the vibrant heart of Brixton Village Market and our food celebrates the abundancy and diversity of ingredients  and available on our doorstep, in the market or through local growers and artisan makers. On the shelves of our small shop you will find jars of damson jam made with fruit collected from the gardens around Brockwell park, honey made by South London bees, next to pots of mango and habenero relish and bottles of Brixton Pound sauce made using ingredients sourced in Brixton market. Cornercopia aims to reinforce the essential tradition of the market which is the provision of fresh foods to the local population, and element which has disappeared from many markets, displaced by supermarkets and imported foods.

All the foodstuffs on the shelves are  handmade by us or other local people. The furthest afield of our chutney makers is from Croyden, but most makers live within a couple of miles. On our menu we use primarily market sourced, locally grown or foraged ingredients.  What is on our table or on the shelves changes daily and reflects the seasons. A typical summer menu might  include Dorset Mullet bought from Daegons the local fishmonger, vegetables, herbs and spices from the surrounding market, fresh green leaves  from the Sunday farmers market,  a pudding made with local allotment grown damsons (swapped for lunch at Cornercopia) all  washed down with a cordial made from Elderflowers gathered on Rush Common, a five minute walk from the market.

Brixton Cornercopia is run by Anne Fairbrother and chef Ian Riley.

Winner of Best Green Business’ at the lambeth Business Awards 2011


About anne fairbrother

Anne set up and runs Brixton Cornercopia with chef Ian Riley
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